Digi educate


​Digi- educate

What is your plan for 31st Dec? The answer was, educating people about digital payment.
On 31st Dec 2016, I and my classmates went to nearby village Rithoz. Our one team already visited there a week ago and educate them about digital payment. We went again and got a very shocking response. People don’t know about the digital mode of payment, but most of them own branded cars. But, they have eager to learn. No matter what is their age, children, women, girls, shopkeeper, senior citizen, everyone is eager to learn.

I and my teammate Anushree (we divide the team of two: one boy and one girl) went into some house and collect data about they are using ATM cards or not? their account is linked to adhar card or not? We went in a house where every person in the house has a bank account, but the account is neither linked to adhar card nor they have ATM cards. But they are ready to learn about the mode of digital payment. We tried to educate them. They shared their problems; we gave solutions and many more. When we returned, we had satisfaction, on last day of the year, we did something better than others.

My team is also talking with banks near to these villages and if it will get success, we again arrange a meeting in villages and try to provide them all banking facilities.



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