MBA in India

After completing my Graduation in BBA,  I was excited to join a B-school. I just wanted to see the new world of corporate. As I belong to a very small town in Bihar, taking admission in a B-school is a very big thing. I got very good percentile in September 2015, MAT. Some of my friends have already cleared the MAT exam. It was a new experience for us. We all are excited to join a B-school. We started searching for college according to our financial conditions and according to college’s placement. I all was like a dream is coming true.

After spending money and time, getting bored with calls from Colleges(nearly 20 calls a day), we all select our college and pack our bags for our dreams. I landed to Gurgaon (As my father didn’t that I would go to Delhi and my mother didn’t allow me to go to Pune) along with one of my friends.

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) was the program for which I came to Gurgaon (I didn’t qualify for IIMs). This program gave me a lot of new experience. I met new people from different industries. Went on some industrial visits. Got a chance to work with a reputed company during my Summer Internship Program.  My personality get changed, My process of thinking get changed, I started to take responsibility.

But now the time is coming for which I came here, a dream Job. Some of my classmates already get placed and some are still waiting. I’m also still waiting for good companies to come. I started posting on LinkedIn, sending resume to HRs, increasing connection so I can get a job. But there is nothing. None of the HRs replied my emails. I’m still waiting, waiting and waiting.

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