Happy New Year

31st December 2017

2 O’clock in the night

What comes to your mind when thinking about 2.am in the night: sleeping. But, in Jammu and Kashmir, our soldiers were fighting with terrorist. We lost 5 of them. And they(terrorist) were only three.

10 O’clock in the morning

Most of us were still sleeping because it was Sunday and we consider Sunday as a sleeping day. Most of us had New Year Party in their office last night, so they were tired of drinking. Some were planning for their New Year Party. But no one had time to open their TV and see the news.

12 O’clock

Terror attack news had spread in India. Our leaders had twitted about the attack. Most of us saw the news and ignore it because we had to do planning for our New Year Party. But, our soldiers were still fighting with terrorist.

10 O’clock at night

We are busy at our Party. We all are party birds, so we had no time for Our country. Everyone was busy with their own plan but what about those family who lost their family member. What about the wife who lost her husband, the sister who lost her brother, the mother who lost her son? Was this a new year for them? Was this a new year for India? We have lost our 5 soldiers. And we have no care about anything because this was New Year.

I’m not opposing of Celebrating New Year but think about them who lost their loved one.

By the way Happy New Year to all.

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